Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mom & Nesh

  I just found this picture we took the last day we were in India. My pitiful husband and his mom. This made me feel so bad, they were sad to be going away from each other. I have never seen a man so close to his mom, but I know why. She is the most wonderful and caring person I think I have ever met. We love you mom!
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Candice turns 4

  Happy Birthday to the sweetest, and cutest little angel I know! We love you!!!!
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Baseball Season is here!

  At last baseball has come, and I'm so excited! I am always thrilled when baseball season starts for Jacob, and football season starts for Christian. My boys have played many sports, but these are the ones their more passionate about, and it's great fun for the rest of us. Jacob's goal is to have fun playing baseball now, later get a college scholarship to play baseball, and then to go into professional ball one day. Many more pictures of Jacob playing to come.
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  Finally I have time to catch up on my blog, and I have many to share at one time. So, here is the mehndi my husband did for me about two weeks ago. This is common in India for women, and is similar to the henna tattooing you might see here in U.S. It last for two to three weeks. Women will usually have this done very extravagantly for their wedding on their hands and feet, however it can be done at anyother time, and not only for marriage. I have also seen somewhere that women will have this done on their belly late in pregnancy. Sounds like fun, I think I will do that when I'm pregnant too!
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Surprise Giveaway!

The Farm Chicks are hosting a surprise giveaway. Check it out.