Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day 2012

Election day is such an exciting day to me. I've logged many hours watching Fox News and CNN during the campaign. I went out to vote for Mitt Romney early today, and I've got some hearty chicken soup cooking in the crock pot so that I can spend most of the night watching the election coverage. The girls will be participating being Romney cheerleaders and coloring pictures of the US flag.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

The girls were all ready to go trick-or-treating about 30 minutes before it got dark. We decided to go with our warmer costumes since it was a little chilly today. Vaishali is a bunny and it reminds me of the bunny costume in the movie Christmas Story. Anjali is Tigger and she was so cute at every house we went to when the door was open she said "Trick or treat" with a big smile on her face, and then she would thank them before leaving. She has watched so many Halloween cartoons she knew what she was doing and she was in to it. Vaishali is a little unsure of new people so she would hand me her bucket every time we approached a house and then as soon as we turned to walk away she would ask for it back. Jacob went with us too and Bubby went with his girlfriend Holly in the neighborhood. After trick-or-treating we all went to Golden Coral and we decided Halloween is the best night ever to go there because it's not busy at all.