Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Playing in the Leaves

Yesterday the weather was so good we spent most of the day outside. This was the first time the girls ever played in the leaves, and man were they dirty afterward. We played all the way upto dinner time and then ended up going out to eat. When we were getting out of the car to go into CiCi's Anjali said "hungry". I told her we were going to eat pizza, and she rubbed her belly and said "pizza good". We had tons of fun in CiCi's Anjali ate a lot and sang really loud along with the music playing in the restaurant. Vaishali likes any kind of dipping sauce and had a bit too much marinara sauce. The girls are starting to decide what THEY want to do and are not much interested in what you want them to do so, when daddy said it was time to go, and they were playing in the little arcade area they said "NO" and through a fit. Then we went next door to Gamestop where Anjali seen some blinking lights and she screamed "cool" and "wow". I'm not sure where she learned cool from but it was funny.



Before cake we had lunch and guess what Vaishali had with her chicken.....ketchup! That cheesy grin, priceless.

Birthday Party Pictures

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Vaishali feeding some cake to daddy. She's so motherly.
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Anjali LOVES cake and often wont eat breakfast and will ask for cake. Sometimes when she's hungry she'll start saying something like pizza and rub her belly and say "mmm mmm tastey".

Jacob observing from the top of the tree house.
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Birthday Number 2

Oh my where did the time go?! My babies are not really babies any more. This has been the fastest two years of my life, but I have to say 2 is a lot of fun. You're doing some of the silliest things. I love to listen to you talk and some of my favorites right now are "I wuv you, you funny, and Anjali's oh man!". It's so cute to see you two playing together like when you chase each other around a room and when Vaishali feeds her sissy, so very precious. You started a two day a week preschool class a few months ago and it was hard, but now you go to school and come back saying "school fun". A few words you have learned at school in the past few months are: awesome, mine, cake, and wow. You both love animals and like saying all of the sounds that the animals make. When you wake up in the morning I often find you jumping up and down in your cribs and giggling. You both love your brothers dearly. You both love to sing many songs but Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and ABCs are your favorites, and you've both been counting to 10 in perfect order for a couple of months. Happy Birthday to my precious and adorable lovies!!!

* I did not take this picture of Vaishali, uncle Samir did, I would never allow her to come this close to a coke! lol