Monday, December 16, 2013

Dining Room

Only 8 more days until Christmas and I finally got my dining room how I want it :-)
Now if only the sun will shine like this on Christmas Day I'll really be happy!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Playroom

All cleaned up & decorated for Christmas.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

First snow of the season...

... well it's not even officially winter for 2 more weeks and we got about 7 inches of fluffy snow today!  We took the girls out with intentions to build a snow family instead of a big snowman because we were only forecasted to get 2 inches, but the snow was too powdery and wouldn't pack.  Ah well we had fun anyway!  After about 10 minutes Anjali stated complaining it was too cold but we still managed to be out about 20 minutes.  Then I had daddy fill up tubs of snow for them to play with inside.  We watched all kinds of Christmas movies and had chicken curry for lunch, thanks daddy:-)
Me and the girls spent a good bit of the afternoon cleaning up the playroom and changing out toys.  I kept it to a minimum since Christmas is only 16 days away!  Oh yes and best of all I finished all of my school work week before last so no school work to do! !! Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for that degree to arrive in the mail since I'm not attending graduation. 
Tomorrow I'll post pics of our playroom all cleaned up and decorated for Christmas.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We left for our trip to NC on Monday after the girls and I finished school.  The girls had a Thanksgiving program where they sang a few songs then had snacks with parents and friends.  My favorite song was the turkey wobble :-) as soon as that was done we left to go half way to Virginia where we stayed over night to rest.  The girls had fun jumping on the beds and then off to bed we went.  Bubby cracked jokes for an hour about getting bed bugs,  trying to make me paranoid.  We left very early on Tuesday morning and were there by lunch time to pick Jacob up from school. We had lunch at what-a-burger and then over to mom's.
Mike cooked on Thanksgiving and we spent the rest of the week shopping.  I don't think I will want to shop again until next year lol.
Saturday we went to a hotel and met up with Lish and cousins.  The girls had fun playing with them and then we went over to Concord Mills to have dinner. We came back to the hotel where the girls went swimming with daddy and brother.  Later I got to hang out with brother at Sonic. Now we're on our way back home to Maryland.

Random Cute Pics

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Lovies!

I can't believe they're 4 already. It seems they were just babies yesterday.  Me and daddy told them we didn't want them to grow up anymore.  So, after cake and pizza, Anjali says "I don't want to eat anymore so I can stay small". Okay, not the little we were going for.  After breakfast we left to go to the dollar store because I needed something there and the girls went along to pick out balloons for themselves.  Once at home we woke up bubby, and opened presents.  Them I set up games/stations for them to play with their new toys.  One was a penguin toss game that daddy made. One of their gifts was a penguin plasmobile set,  and a toob of penguins.  So,  using those two things I set up the water table so they could play with their new penguin toys.  I also made a fishing for fish & penguin game for them to play with.  We turned on Happy Feet and let them play while I made their cake.  A bright pink cake topped with pink sugar crystals and penguins was our cake this year.  We sang happy birthday to them while face timing with sister-in-law,  then had pizza and cake for lunch.  After lunch we went to Chuck-e-Cheese. It was a lot of fun and barely anyone there!  The girls even got to go up and dance with chuck-e. We came home for an hour and then went out to chic-fil-a for dinner,  the girls current favorite.  Anjali calls it chickpees, lol.

Before we left for the day we ask the girls if they should take a bath before they got dressed to take pictures and Anjali said "we don't have to bath on our birthday". Then when having lunch we noticed the girls had started eating before they prayed and Vaishali said "we don't have to pray on our birthday".  Silly girls.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

On Monday the girls had a Halloween party at school.  They had treats and performed a couple of songs for the parents in both sign language and one with Spanish.  They dressed up as Doc McStuffins doctors and they were so cute! Today we celebrated Halloween by dressing up and going trick-or-treating at the mall.  When we were leaving Vaishali said "mommy I love trick-or-treating". Next,  we had dinner at Applebee's.  Fun day! 

Friday, October 4, 2013

This is depressing. ..

All of this stuff attacked in boxes in my basement is depressing. I use to enjoy jumping into projects like this and organizing stuff, but I really don't anymore! I don't know if it's lack of time, energy or both, but I'm really trying to get to work on it this weekend and probably next too.  We aren't planning to actually finish the basement for sometime,  but I would like to have it set up as a large area for the girls to play in once it gets really cold out.  Once I have it cleared and cleaned I'm planning to put the playhouse that's currently outside in here.  Anyhow,  I wanted to take before pics so that I can enjoy the after that much more. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Our Seven Year Anniversary

Today we celebrated our anniversary with a day trip to the beach.  It's actually only an hour away,  but we spent the entire day there.  We first stopped for lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant,  Akbar Palace. Naturally the girls had a blast playing in the freezing cold Beach and sand,  and then we spent a few hours fishing with daddy and bubby. Both daddy and bubby caught a good size fish, which we brought home,  and bubby scaled and cut up.  Daddy is going to make us some yummy fish curry tomorrow.  We were all tired by the time we got home at nearly 9:00, but we had so much fun. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gettysburg PA

Christian flew in from NC last night and we couldn't be more excited!  He's gonna be here for the next 3 months to finish up his high school diploma with the college here,  and then go back to NC. Today on the spur of the moment we decided to visit the Gettysburg battlefield & Cemetery.  What a beautiful place to walk around.  Vaishali got so tired she sat down near the end and refused to walk anymore.  Bubby had to pick her up and carry her to the car, then we went to friendly's for icecream. We'll have to go back with daddy sometime. :-)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Day in the Life of Preschoolers

I've had a ton of schoolwork/projects to work on lately.  So,  I've had to find things for the girls to do while I'm kinda busy about my work.  Here is a little of what we've done today. 
In the morning we went to play out back,  while I sat in the shade to do a little of my reading assignment. Vaishali caught a moth,  and Anjali found a caterpillar.  We brought those in and made a little habitat for them.
Once tired we came inside and watched cartoons, while I did some more reading.
Next we moved onto art.  I sat out some paper and do-a-dot paint makers,  again I read.
Daddy just ordered me a new set of headphones that was sitting on the counter.  So, next I hooked them up with an ipod and headphones and they happily sat on the couch rocking and listening to music for about 20 minutes!
I didn't think that would last long so I sat up a Christmas village play area on our school table for them to pay next.  This was a lot of fun for me!  I have a china cabinet set up with Christmas stuff in it.  I simply took that out set it up on the table,  lit a christmassy smelling candle,  and set my laptop to play Christmas music that I found on YouTube, and let them play!
When that wasn't fun anymore I have both of them a sink full of plastic dishes to wash.  Fun,  fun,  fun!