Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Room Completed

This room has bugged me for a month. I had planned to work on this room so long ago, but then I got sick for what has seemed like forever now. This room is right off the entry way. The first pic that you see is looking into the girls playroom (that orange sherbert colored room you see). Anyway, this is actually the formal living room but I have never seen the point in that. I don't really know what I should call this room even though I'm using it for many things. In this room is my desk, two bookshelves with many homeschool and college books, my rocking chair by the window that I enjoy sitting at to read and look out the window, the exercise bike by another window, and our circle time rug area for fun preschool lessons. I still need to hang some things on the wall but its good for now and didn't even take me that long to work on.

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Spring Snow?

Why yes it has been snowing here since late last night. I do love the snow but I also like the changing of the seasons. I'm feeling like it should be springs turn. Daddy took the girls outside to play in it; hopefully it's the last snow we'll see until the end of the year. I stayed inside and watched and got some cute pics of Vaishali looking at me through the window.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Circus Fun

Last week we took the girls to the circus here in town. It was a small fair like circus with horses, lamas, and ponies. The girls loved it and Daddy was called up to help one of the clowns. Even the boys really enjoyed it. They set behind us and I could here them cracking jokes and laughing nearly the entire time. And just for fun a pic of Twinkle meeting one of the hens. I can't believe how fast they've grown.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Croods

I'm sure you've heard about the new Dreamworks movie called The Croods. Well, I received a large packet of stuff pertaining to this new animated movie for a review. In the packet there was a few short film DVDs, a novel about the book, and a tin filled with movie snacks. This was a really fun review. Jacob has been reading the book during his daily reading time and so far he thinks it sounds like a pretty cool movie (smile) he still likes cartoons. The short films have been cute and the kiddos have enjoyed them as we'll as the snacks. You should be able to google The Croods trailor to learn more about the movie.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I got that wonderful evening burst of energy after dinner and got busy fluffing my nest. I sometimes feel like a room isn't clean unless I've changed it around or done something different. I added a large card table in a corner to put my dog crate under and the small fiber optic tree and cleaned top to bottom. I took pics since the girls are in the bed it will only last a few minutes once they wake up. Oh how I love clean and orderly rooms. And for fun this sweet picture of Jacob and Anjali sleeping;-)

Sometimes you need...

Inspiration to clean! I swear I have cleaned and set up our master bedroom 5 times since we've been here, but it turns into the dumping ground of unfinished stuff. Then it ends up in a mess. Knowing that I just really don't have anywhere to put things has caused me to just leave it that way. But then yesterday while out I seen this cabinet and thought of all the things I could store in it behind the closed doors. So, for only $10 I brought it home and it's helping me to get my room in order today. They're calling for a foot of snow here between now and tomorrow so I hope I have a nice clean room to enjoy during our hopefully last winter storm.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Valentines Day 2013

*I just noticed this didn't post on V-day for some reason so I went ahead and posted it anyway.
I love me some Valentines Day! Thought I would post some pics from around here on the special day of love. Earlier in the week the girls and I did a Valentines craft and made goodie bag holders. Yesterday after lunch I put little cards, candy, and treats in there. Of course the boys got some too. Never too big right? We also bought a new wii dance game. The girls really have fun with that. When Daddy got home, late in the evening, we went for a quick dinner out. Then Daddy gave all of us treats again.it was a fun day. We woke up with fresh snow on the ground. So of course the girls had to go out and play. I lasted about 30 minutes and started begging to come in. They didn't want to so I had to be creative. I put some clean snow into bins, put out a table cloth on the rug and brought the snow in the warm cozy house! They loved it and played with it for over an hour. We're expecting snow again tonight and I think I'll try snow cream.

Beautiful Sunday Mornings

Our typical Sunday morning is letting daddy and the boys sleep-in while the girls and I come down stairs to lounge about and watch cartoons for a bit. Below is a pic of the girls doing just that, lounging and watching toons drinking their favorite, warm honey milk. I was so excited to wake up and see the sun shining I took a pic of one side of our back yard. And last is a pic of our chickies. They're growing so fast; Mountain Momma is ready to fly out of there, lol.
Well, I guess I need to get breakfast started. We're having boiled eggs because me and Christian are very strictly doing the Atkins diet and the girls like to peel the eggs. Anjali calls it hatching the eggs. Ha! I just love that. And later were off to the YMCA to work out. I want it to be spring so badly that I might just get some sunflowers to plant with the girls in the house. Happy Sunday!