Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall 2015

As soon as Halloween is over,  I get busy about Christmas. So, that's the end of fall as far as I'm concerned.  Miranda came to visit us for a bit & we went to the pumpkin patch & picked a huge pumpkin! 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

First day of Kindergarten

A little late but I did the important part, take pictures!!! The first day of Kindergarten was August 31st & the girls love their school,  their friends,  and their teacher.  It's been a very easy transition for them. The last pic is one I took last week on picture day when they got home from school, they wanted me to take it to send to grandma.  So sweet!

Ruffles & Disney on Ice

We had such a fun weekend!  First, we let the girls adopt a kitty; they've been begging for a kitty for 3 years now.  They named her Ruffles & she watches tv! Friday school was out & I took them to see a live show called Biggity Bad & the Three Pigs & out for lunch at the Purple Plum. Saturday morning we left early to head to Pennsylvania at the Hershey Park stadium to see Disney on Ice!  We all loved it!  Beans was clapping & moving about with the music,  Vaishali kept saying "I love this & I want to do this when I grow up" & Anjali was very focused on the show.  Me & Daddy sang along to the songs because we know them ALL ;-) After Disney on Ice we went to an Indian Buffet for lunch & then back to hershey park for chocolate world. On our way home we passed by the HobLob to look at Christmas Decor & such. Today has been spent at home relaxing & getting ready for the week ahead.  Fun weekend!