Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pictures in frames...

I love pictures, but pictures printed and in frames REALLY make me happy. Dinesh spent some time with me today working to print these pictures and I put them in this frame. I'm planning to hang this in my formal dining room. I love, love, love it!
It was this picture of Jacob's that came in that got me started on this framing project. Half his team didn't show up for pictures, but we did and look how good they came out.

Okay, try as I may I cannot get this picture to rotate. Anywho I changed the frame it was in to go onto the bookshelf I was working on. I love this picture because not only is Christian in it, but Miranda and Grandpa Mike is also in it.
The cute frames the girls painted.
I found this picture online and printed it, added it to a piece of scrapbook paper and framed it, and hung it in my entry way. It's vintage valentines post cards.
Finally, here is the pictures in frames, on the bookshelf I cleaned off.

Tot School Days at Home

The girls have been busy creating master art work this week! They love to color and paint. I think they believe that crayons are for babies and prefer to use markers instead, haha. When they've finished working on their masterpiece they move onto coloring/painting their hands, arms, faces and clothes. I took out the whiteboard and put it on top of their table and they loved coloring on it with mommy. Anjali was especially excited when she realized that she could make things disappear by rubbing marks away with her finger.
One day I had to lock myself into the laundry room so that I could actually fold a load of laundry. The girls do love helping but the clothes never get folded. The prefer to grab a handful of clothes and run off as fast as they can and hide them. One of the new spots of Vaishali's that I recently discovered is in their oven of their little play kitchen where I found a couple of Jacob's missing shirts. Very clever that one! Anyway, while I was busy in the laundry room, Jacob was suppose to be playing with the girls. It got very, very quiet. When I came out to check why it was so quiet the girls were missing and the gate was down. Jacob of course was busy watching tv. We found the girls in my office and Vaishali had found some of the Indian sweets opened the box and was huddled down in the corner here behind the chair stuffing them in her mouth. So, so cute and Anjali was playing the piano and reminded me a lot of the Charlie Brown cartoon. Jacob ran to get the camera and took the above picture.
Look closely, closer, no closer. We got snow in Atlanta! Well okay, maybe just flurries and nothing stuck to the ground, but I was excited and it was pretty.
See, Jacob even ran outside to taste the snow. Still adorable even at the ripe old age of 12, haha.
Seemed like the perfect week for Jacob to read the short story Snowflake Bentley.

I found these cute unfinished wood frames at Michaels craft store and let the girls paint them with do a dot markers. I think the pink and red with the heart are cute for the upcoming Valentines Day. I put in pictures of them eating cake from their 2nd birthday.
And last, mommies new toy. I love this laminator, now I officially feel like a teacher. I've been busy working on all kinds of new school projects to come later.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yummiest Apple Crisp Ever...

I made this yummy apple crisp recipe to go with dinner tonight. I changed it a little to make it a tad healthier. Instead of using plain flower I used half white and half whole wheat, splenda brown sugar & cut down the regular sugar. YUM!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christian's 16th Birthday

Happy birthday Christian! I can't believe you're 16 already. We enjoyed spending time with you in NC this past weekend. I pray that God will guide, protect, and bless you in the coming year.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

I was busy traveling most of the day back home from a quick visit to NC to celebrate Christian's 16th birthday. So, Jacob and I were tired well mostly me. We managed to play a very long game of UNO, Dinesh beat us as usual, and watch Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. I did, however, participate in our families long held traditions. I made two pillow cases one for each of the girls, and I put the change out on a can of corn this year. It's suppose to be a can of sourkraut but I didn't have any. I recently watched a documentary which said that at least 80% of our processed foods in US come from corn so I thought corn was a good idea, hahaha. I read in an article that an old tradition of the Pennsylvania German culture is to eat some form of pork and sourkraut on New Years day is believed to bring good fortune in the coming year. I don't believe in any silly superstitions but think it's fun to carry on those left by my grandparents and great-grandparents.
The reversible pillow cases I made for the girls room. The colors match the pretty new tinkerbell bedspreads that Grandma made them.

My New Year's resolutions are to read the entire Bible this year and to loose weight of course. Last month I bought the above One Year Bible. I like it because it breaks down for you what you should read on each day of the year and includes scripture from the Old Testament, the New Testament and verses from Psalms and Proverbs every day.