Sunday, February 1, 2009

Making Dryer Balls and Dryer Maintenance

The other day I washed a large load of clothes and then was annoyed that I had to dry it in the dryer for more than one full cycle. I started to research what might be the problem and found some interesting information. Dryer sheets are first of all toxic to humans but also not good for your dryer. The dryer sheets cause a clear film that you can not see to build up over time on your lent filter. This can make drying a load of clothes take longer to dry and eventually will burn out heating elements in your dryer. There is actually an easy fix to this. About once every six months you can simply take out your lent filter and clean it with soap and water and an old tooth brush. And if drying your clothes with anything toxic is bothersome to you, you can make these neat all natural dryer balls. Check this website to learn how to make your own. I think I will try this myself next weekend.

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Barb J. said...

I tried the dryer balls, but our clothes always ended up with a lot of static in them. Thanks for the tip about cleaning the filter, though!