Monday, January 3, 2011

Household Uses for Salt & Oranges

Recently my mom was told by a fire chief inspector that a major cause of fire in homes are those air freshener plug in things that I sooo love. I also enjoy certain incense from time to time, but I often find those to be too strong. I was excited to find a natural solution on Happy Hearts at Home. This is a link for 25 uses for salt, but on the same site are many natural air fresheners. One of my favorite was to slice and orange in half, remove the pulp and add salt. Put this in a bowl and leave in your fridge. The salt absorbs nasty odors and the orange peel leaves a pleasant scent. I also found many recipes to simmer potpourri on your stove which I think I will try later tonight. A simple and quick air freshener is to heat your oven to high, I put mine on 400 degrees, on some tin foil add 1 teaspoon of vanilla. As soon as you start to smell it in just a few minutes take it out. I made the mistake of leaving mine in too long and ended up with a burnt smell. I got curious and decided to look up household uses for oranges and found this great site.

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