Saturday, March 12, 2011

Welcoming Daylight Savings Time!

Ahh, today was a wonderful warm and sunny Saturday. Nesh let me sleep in and then spend the morning in bed reading. I was so excited about the warm spring like weather and the fact that we go back to daylight savings time tonight that I made plans to play outside with the girls as much as possible today. Daddy played with them on the deck in the morning, and then after their nap we put on our new stride rite early walker shoes, our monkey packs, and out back we went. I just got these monkey things and it doesn't work so well when their is two tots and only one person to beg the children to please "come this way". How come they never want to go in the same direction? So I abandoned that plan quick, and let them run around without the monkey packs. Okay, okay also not a good plan. Did I mention they don't go in the same direction? After rolling in dirt, throwing dirt in their hair and nearly ruining those nice new shoes we headed back inside, kicking and screaming, to have lunch. But, we did have lots of fun today!
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