Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Post #2

Vaishali LOVES to color, write, and paint. Daily I get many requests from her saying "Mommy, I need to color". Not want but need to color, lol I just love that. Here she is one morning, still in her night shirt (brothers old football t-shirt), creating her work of art.
Very serious.
Anjali with teacup in hand, wanting a tea party I'm sure.
Playing in the water table with an idea I found on pinterest. Pirate ships made from frozen blocks of ice with a straw sticking up and a piece of colored tape as the flag. This was great on a really hot day. I also froze little toys standing up on the ships with glitter inside as pirate gold. The girls love anything to do with the idea of pirates. Once the "pirate ships" melted there was pretty gold glitter glimmering in the water.
And later playing with Bubby. He spends most of his time working and helping different relatives, so the girls are always excited when they get to play with him. Jacob of course spends his days playing hanging out with his friends, riding bikes, playing video games and such. He's getting ready to turn 13 and reminds me often that he no longer plays, but rather "hangs out" with his friends. Ugh, he's barreling towards those dreadful teenage years.
Thankfully, he does still enjoy playing with his little sisters.