Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Sweet Babies

Last night I had the WORST migraine I've ever had. My sweet Anjali seen me laying in bed and realized something was wrong with me. She very quietly crawled up into my bed and ask "what's wrong momma" and I told her my head was hurting. Then she laid down beside me and rubbed my head saying " I wuv you mommy" and gave me the sweetest kiss on my forehead.
A few minutes later Vaishali come in, climbed up onto the bed and kissed me and said she loved me too. ;) Awe my goodness aren't they just precious?
This is a picture of them playing in the snow yesterday. We took a long cold walk to our mailbox, nearly a mile, and then played in the snow. They were pretending to ski with sticks they found on the ground. I don't even know how they know what skiing is, but I had to beg them to come inside because I was freezing!

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