Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy Summer!

Umm, we've been busy having fun.  I have so much to post, but it seems like if we're not working or playing around here, it's because we're exhausted!  This has been a wonderful summer so far.  We've been to stay at a beautiful resort in Florida, spent an exciting day at Disney World, played in our pool, been to visit Baughers farm, and spent a lot of time working on our own farm, and the girls and I have found a wonderful church to attend very close to home.  The boys have both left for the summer to NC:-( but Christian is coming back to visit for a week next week along with Mom, Mike & Miranda. And with them were gonna spend a day at Hershey Park, a place I went to as a teenager.  Christian has been there once but this will be the girls first time going.  First time of many I'm sure since it's fairly close to home.  I hope to also visit Amish country too sometime soon since it's also close to home and a place I dearly love.  Hopefully I'll have time to post some of the hundreds of pics we've taken over the last month, but for today there is lots of housework, laundry, and fun to be had.  The girls discovered Snow White today and wanted to watch the movie twice! Umm, no that's a lot of tv at once.  So, we made Snow White dolls and got dressed up, as tinkerbell & red riding hood, and went outside to play. And there is also a pic I took the other day of veggies picked from our garden.  I made taco salad and it was yummy!  Hope everyone is busy making the most of summer:-))

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