Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Day in the Life of Preschoolers

I've had a ton of schoolwork/projects to work on lately.  So,  I've had to find things for the girls to do while I'm kinda busy about my work.  Here is a little of what we've done today. 
In the morning we went to play out back,  while I sat in the shade to do a little of my reading assignment. Vaishali caught a moth,  and Anjali found a caterpillar.  We brought those in and made a little habitat for them.
Once tired we came inside and watched cartoons, while I did some more reading.
Next we moved onto art.  I sat out some paper and do-a-dot paint makers,  again I read.
Daddy just ordered me a new set of headphones that was sitting on the counter.  So, next I hooked them up with an ipod and headphones and they happily sat on the couch rocking and listening to music for about 20 minutes!
I didn't think that would last long so I sat up a Christmas village play area on our school table for them to pay next.  This was a lot of fun for me!  I have a china cabinet set up with Christmas stuff in it.  I simply took that out set it up on the table,  lit a christmassy smelling candle,  and set my laptop to play Christmas music that I found on YouTube, and let them play!
When that wasn't fun anymore I have both of them a sink full of plastic dishes to wash.  Fun,  fun,  fun!

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