Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Lovies!

I can't believe they're 4 already. It seems they were just babies yesterday.  Me and daddy told them we didn't want them to grow up anymore.  So, after cake and pizza, Anjali says "I don't want to eat anymore so I can stay small". Okay, not the little we were going for.  After breakfast we left to go to the dollar store because I needed something there and the girls went along to pick out balloons for themselves.  Once at home we woke up bubby, and opened presents.  Them I set up games/stations for them to play with their new toys.  One was a penguin toss game that daddy made. One of their gifts was a penguin plasmobile set,  and a toob of penguins.  So,  using those two things I set up the water table so they could play with their new penguin toys.  I also made a fishing for fish & penguin game for them to play with.  We turned on Happy Feet and let them play while I made their cake.  A bright pink cake topped with pink sugar crystals and penguins was our cake this year.  We sang happy birthday to them while face timing with sister-in-law,  then had pizza and cake for lunch.  After lunch we went to Chuck-e-Cheese. It was a lot of fun and barely anyone there!  The girls even got to go up and dance with chuck-e. We came home for an hour and then went out to chic-fil-a for dinner,  the girls current favorite.  Anjali calls it chickpees, lol.

Before we left for the day we ask the girls if they should take a bath before they got dressed to take pictures and Anjali said "we don't have to bath on our birthday". Then when having lunch we noticed the girls had started eating before they prayed and Vaishali said "we don't have to pray on our birthday".  Silly girls.

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