Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We left for our trip to NC on Monday after the girls and I finished school.  The girls had a Thanksgiving program where they sang a few songs then had snacks with parents and friends.  My favorite song was the turkey wobble :-) as soon as that was done we left to go half way to Virginia where we stayed over night to rest.  The girls had fun jumping on the beds and then off to bed we went.  Bubby cracked jokes for an hour about getting bed bugs,  trying to make me paranoid.  We left very early on Tuesday morning and were there by lunch time to pick Jacob up from school. We had lunch at what-a-burger and then over to mom's.
Mike cooked on Thanksgiving and we spent the rest of the week shopping.  I don't think I will want to shop again until next year lol.
Saturday we went to a hotel and met up with Lish and cousins.  The girls had fun playing with them and then we went over to Concord Mills to have dinner. We came back to the hotel where the girls went swimming with daddy and brother.  Later I got to hang out with brother at Sonic. Now we're on our way back home to Maryland.

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