Thursday, December 31, 2015


It's  NYE so I better get my Christmas post in before the year is over.  Last year christmas was awful, I was in the hospital with a uterine infection after giving birth to beans & so this year I just relaxed & enjoyed the holiday because it was easy to think things could be a lot worse, hey at least your not in the hospital! 
The girls woke us up of course ;-) we had breakfast of milk & apple pastries and then started to open gifts. I played Santa & handed out one at a time.  Jacobs big gift was really fun because he had been begging for a PS4 and we kept telling him he couldn't have it. So he was really sure he wasn't getting it.  It was fun when he opened it.
The girls both got a big unicorn that interacts with them & beans got a drum with lots of other instruments in it.  That was everybody's big gifts & then lots of other little gifts.  I kept out a few gifts to open later in the day.
Daddy made a turkey & stuffing & I made  sweet potato casserole, rolls, baked beans, and deserts we made on Christmas eve. Beans took a late nap after lunch and the girls played with their new toys all day. We went outside to take a walk & play for a bit since it was 70 degrees! And then back inside to unwrap a few more gifts.  It was a wonderful Christmas!

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