Friday, June 10, 2011

Savannah Trip Summer 2011

Last weekend the boys and I took a trip alone to Savannah, GA. CJ is getting older and will be staying with his dad once school starts so that he can attend the same High School that both his father and I went to. This means I will likely only be seeing him during Christmas, Spring and Summer breaks. I'm just now coming to the realization that my little boy, whom I have tried to keep a little boy as long as I could, is growing up.
I have wanted to visit Savannah for some time now, and since it's now the closest beach to us we decided this is where we should go. We loved it, and will likely visit Savannah every summer as long as we live in Georgia. Savannah is full of character, rich with history, and brimming with southern charm.
We were only there for the weekend and arrived late on Friday, but we had a list of things we wanted to do. On our first night there we went to River Street. This is a good place to go to at night. We got dressed up like pirates and took pictures, enjoyed some seafood and a candy/fudge shop, took in some live music, and admired the many yachts which were lined up along the river.
On day 2 of our trip we visited the Bonaventure Cemetery, went to the beach, toured the Owens-Thomas house, and went to the movies. Before leaving on Sunday we went to an awesome antique shop in the downtown area which is actually a historic home filled with antiques in every room. On our way home we stopped off to buy some Georgia peaches of course and homemade blackberry jam, and talked about how we enjoyed our little Savannah trip together.
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