Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pictures in frames...

I love pictures, but pictures printed and in frames REALLY make me happy. Dinesh spent some time with me today working to print these pictures and I put them in this frame. I'm planning to hang this in my formal dining room. I love, love, love it!
It was this picture of Jacob's that came in that got me started on this framing project. Half his team didn't show up for pictures, but we did and look how good they came out.

Okay, try as I may I cannot get this picture to rotate. Anywho I changed the frame it was in to go onto the bookshelf I was working on. I love this picture because not only is Christian in it, but Miranda and Grandpa Mike is also in it.
The cute frames the girls painted.
I found this picture online and printed it, added it to a piece of scrapbook paper and framed it, and hung it in my entry way. It's vintage valentines post cards.
Finally, here is the pictures in frames, on the bookshelf I cleaned off.

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