Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pick Your Own Strawberry Farm

We had an exciting day at Patterson Farm today with the girls. This morning I had told the girls we were getting ready to go visit a farm, and as soon as Anjali finished lunch she got up from the table and said "let's go see the farm".
Strawberry picking was fun but the girls quickly got tired of carrying their 1 gallon baskets of strawberries and started eating them instead while daddy and me finished picking the strawberries.
After washing our hands Vaishali decided it was time for a quick drink, and then Anjali hurried over to the market to pick out a tractor.

Taking a relaxing ride with daddy around the farm. Anjali was so big sitting in there all by herself.
The girls favorite part of the farm of course is visiting the animals, and ducks are always well loved by my lovies.
Silly goats!
Riding the tractor trikes was a little disappointing for them when they realized they were too little to ride them on their own. I'm betting by the time fall rolls around and we go back for the pumpkin patch they'll be able to.
She's thinking Hooray for giant sandboxes!
Vaishali's so strong I wasn't at all surprised that she could do this.
2 gallons of freshly picked strawberries is gonna make a lot of strawberry pie, strawberry cobbler, strawberry milk shakes, smoothies and lots of other good stuff I haven't thought of yet. Patterson Farm with 2 year olds is fun, fun, fun!