Sunday, September 16, 2012

Children's Museum

Some time back we visited an awesome children's museum that was just perfect for the girls age. The girls love fire trucks and here Anjali is putting on the fireman's hat before she goes into drive the fire truck.
Jacob went with us too, and although he probably wouldn't admit it, he had fun too.
Collecting eggs in the farm area...
...and milking cows.
Jacob in motion on the balance beam.
And just because they want to be like their big brother Jacob, they had to try it too:-)
My favorite area was the kitchen cooking area. I think it was Vaishali's too. While daddy and me sat at a booth the girls cooked up stuff and brought it to us. So cute.
I wonder what they're cooking? Whatever it is I'm sure it most certainly has something to do with chocolate.
Anjali making music and Vaishali and me in the background playing with moon dough.
A little on stage time.
Vaishali teaching Jacob how to drive a race car.
The biggest train table ever was lots of fun!
Just look at her face, is she having fun or what?
Last picture, we were playing in an attic space that was decorated with an african theme. Vaishali dressed up in some of the dress up clothes but she was not having that hat; it was a tad too hot up there. There is a lot more there but we were busy playing. I hope we get to go there again on a weekday when it's not so busy.