Monday, October 8, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

I hurried to get a few pictures of them in together before we left the house. Vaishali is trying to put her arm around sissy, but Anjali thinks she's just trying to tickle her.
I remember the boys always wanting the biggest pumpkin they could find, but the girls both said they wanted a little pumpkin. I thought it was cute Anjali saying "I want a wittle punkin mommy".
Anjali is so in her element here sitting down to pet the pigs, and Vaishali says "it's stinky mommy".
A little late but I still wanted to post this picture of Jacob's first day of 7th grade at C.C. Griffin Middle School. He was so nervous and worried he wouldn't remember where to go as this was his first year of changing classes. And, sure enough in the second week of school he found out he spent the first week in many of the wrong classes;-)