Sunday, October 28, 2012

Birthday & Fall Party

On Saturday we went to Grandma Linker's Halloween party which she enjoys doing every year. Bubby was a coal miner.

Jacob said he was a Jester. I'm not sure I know what that is but I think he looked more like the joker from the Batman movie. We have a huge bag of costumes at home which the boys have collected just over the past few years, but they decided to just paint their faces. Oh well, I guess it was more comfortable for them to play football, horseshoes and such.

The girls had four costumes to pick from that I had bought at the tot-trade sale back in August. Vaishali chose Red Riding Hood and Anjali the Ladybug. A couple days before this we were watching a cartoon on the disney chanel and the Little Vampire movie come on. It wasn't really something for their age and I turned it off after maybe 10 minutes, but in that amount of time Vaishali understood what a vampire was. So, while her costume actually is Little Red Riding Hood, she wanted to be a vampire. She kept running around twirling her cape and growling saying "I'm a vampire".  
From Halloween party to Birthday party...
The girls birthday isn't actually for another week, and I plan to have another little celebration with my sister and nieces next weekend, but Daddy will be in Maryland most likely. So, we decided to have a party with just the six of us today. It's been a fun day so far. We got the girls a big train table and Daddy and Bubby put it together last night while the girls were in the bed. This morning they woke up and were excited to see it and played with it for hours! After lunch we had cake. Anjali wanted a blue cake, her favorite color, and Vaishali wanted a pink cake. I made them two separate strawberry cakes one with pink icing and one with blue icing and sprinkles. It was yummy and fun. We managed to take a video but no pictures. I'll be sure to do that next weekend.  
 This picture is from last night when we got home they wanted to play with the leaves. It's so hard to get pictures of them together, they just don't seem to want to pose.
And one picture from this morning. They enjoy loving on Twinkle but I'm not so sure she likes it, lol.