Sunday, December 23, 2012

December Fun!

Oh my, isn't that just darling? Finally, the girls are starting to sit still long enough to snap a really quick picture. As soon as you're done they'll jump up and say "let me see" and giggle as they look at themselves. We've been busy with some fun winter and Christmas activities during the day.
One day we decorated sugar cookies. Vaishali mostly enjoyed icing.
My little artist also busy tasting the icing.
And then on Saturday we spent the day at the harbor in downtown Baltimore. Dinesh had been here before but this was my first visit and I loved it. So much to do and see there. I can see us spending lots of time there in the summer when it's much warmer. We walked around a bit and then spent a few hours at the National Aquarium. It was a lot of fun watching the girls get so excited at all they seen there. At one point when we were sure they were tired Daddy asked if they were tired and Anjali replied "no I'm not tired" I think she was really enjoying herself. We left there and walked to a candy store called It's Sugar that had giant candy. Think 1 pound Reese cups;) Yes, I'm still thinking of those Reece cups but I didn't buy any, sigh. The girls however did get their own little bags of candy. We walked the rest of the way to our hotel in downtown for the night and the girls enjoyed their candy as soon as we walked through the door they ask for it. Later in the evening we went downstairs and had dinner at the restaurant in the hotel. Such a fun day.
After dinner I gave the girls some new pajamas with feet in them and they happily posed for pictures. Vaishali is not this much taller than Anjali, she's just sitting up and Anjali isn't. Tonight we enjoyed Happy Grinch Night which I'll explain tomorrow sometime in between my baking.