Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Room Completed

This room has bugged me for a month. I had planned to work on this room so long ago, but then I got sick for what has seemed like forever now. This room is right off the entry way. The first pic that you see is looking into the girls playroom (that orange sherbert colored room you see). Anyway, this is actually the formal living room but I have never seen the point in that. I don't really know what I should call this room even though I'm using it for many things. In this room is my desk, two bookshelves with many homeschool and college books, my rocking chair by the window that I enjoy sitting at to read and look out the window, the exercise bike by another window, and our circle time rug area for fun preschool lessons. I still need to hang some things on the wall but its good for now and didn't even take me that long to work on.

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