Sunday, March 3, 2013

Valentines Day 2013

*I just noticed this didn't post on V-day for some reason so I went ahead and posted it anyway.
I love me some Valentines Day! Thought I would post some pics from around here on the special day of love. Earlier in the week the girls and I did a Valentines craft and made goodie bag holders. Yesterday after lunch I put little cards, candy, and treats in there. Of course the boys got some too. Never too big right? We also bought a new wii dance game. The girls really have fun with that. When Daddy got home, late in the evening, we went for a quick dinner out. Then Daddy gave all of us treats again.it was a fun day. We woke up with fresh snow on the ground. So of course the girls had to go out and play. I lasted about 30 minutes and started begging to come in. They didn't want to so I had to be creative. I put some clean snow into bins, put out a table cloth on the rug and brought the snow in the warm cozy house! They loved it and played with it for over an hour. We're expecting snow again tonight and I think I'll try snow cream.

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