Monday, April 29, 2013

Our Busy Weekends

I'm so glad for warm weather and every time we get a warm weekend so far we've stayed outside doing yard or garden work. Well, Dinesh STAYS outside working we kind of help and come out to play off and on. Anjali could stay out chasing butterflies all day, but poor Vaishali gets tired after a bit and says "I need to go in, I'm too tired". She'll go inside and then lay on the couch and ask for a cup of milk and a snack. While Anjali screams because she didn't want to go in.
Anyhoo, Friday night I got to take a date night out with Jacob while daddy stayed home and played with the girls. We went to Bob Evans to eat, walked around the mall, and then to the movies. We parked on the opposite side of the theater and when the movie was over found out they lock the mall entrance and had to walk all the way around outside late at night in the cold. We felt a little paranoid so I guess we had a little adventure in there. ;-)
Early Saturday morning we went to a huge yard sale with over 70 families participating, it was 2 streets full on both sides. I could have spent the entire day there but we had lots if work to do. The rest of the day was spent working in the garden planting potatoes, garlic, romain lettuce, and cabbage. And of course playing outside with the girls. In the evening we made a tent over the kitchen table, put in some Polly Pockets, books, and a flashlight and they played while I made dinner.
Sunday brought clouds and rain after lunch time so Dinesh and Jacob weeded out the flower beds and put out mulch in the morning. The girls and I worked in the house and went to the grocery store. The pool was cleaned and opened up this past week, its still too cold to swim, but pretty to look at. The hens are still growing and doing well and enjoying their larger run during the day.

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