Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Playroom

Have I showed you my playroom? Oh, I can't remember and since it's clean now is good time! Why is it so bare? Well, the girls cannot keep it clean! I can spend an entire day in there sorting and changing out toys and give them 5 minutes and you have make a path to walk through the room. I've tried reducing the amount of toys each time I clean it and it hasn't helped much. Then yesterday I read an article about giving your kids too many toys hinders their creativity. Umm, sounds good for Mom but I myself like a lot of toys. I just don't like cleaning up a house full of them on a daily basis. So, for now I think I'm gonna limit the toys and try a daily rotation instead of weekly. I hope it makes for a cleaner playroom. We'll see? I do love this room, I had it painted a orange sherbet color and there's a lot of sunshine in this room. I also like that it has a door that I can close when I don't have time to deal with the mess.

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