Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Fall Weekend

The weather was great and we enjoyed a few fall activities this weekend. On Friday evening we took the kids to a pumpkin forest, pumpkins are layed out in the woods, to pick a pumpkin. I was hoping for small pumpkins but all of them were huge. Above is Anjali picking her "punkin" as she likes to call it.
Our attempt to get them together. Hmm, I'll say it was a pretty good one, they're fast these days and don't enjoy sitting still for any length of time.
I love this, Vaishali saying "it big". She is Momma's bionic baby. No pictures of Jacob, I guess he's too big for pumpkin patch pictures. He did however, pick out the biggest pumpkin he could find, of course. This year we're not going to carve our pumpkins. For one thing we just don't have the time and they don't last very long. Jacob and I will be painting the pumpkins this week and that way the girls can enjoy them too.
On Saturday night we watched Zookeeper; a movie we've been eagerly waiting for. Today we finished our fall weekend with a nice cool weather lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup and pumpkin bread for dessert. I do love fall but I can't wait for the Christmas season!

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