Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was a week long celebration for us! Since we were going to NC for Christmas we decided to do Christmas at our house on the 21st. The above picture is of the girls waiting to unwrap their presents. Vaishali is obviously giddy with excitment and Anjali is unhappily waiting.
Brother is always happy to help out the lovies. See how sweet he is, too busy paying attention to the girls to attend to his own gifts. The girls were so funny ripping into their presents. Anjali got so excited with the first one and yelled with excitment "thank you, you welcome" and Vaishali kept saying "rip it" in a frog like voice each time she ripped off a piece of paper.
After the girls woke up from the nap, and daddy had finished putting all the toys together, Anjali ran into the play room and said "new toys awesome".
Later that evening we had some friends over and decorated cookies and had pizza.
The girls had their first school Christmas party and me, daddy, and Jacob all went. It was adorable.
Here Anjali is showing us the snowman she made. Doesn't she look serious? Such a big girl at school!
Poor Vaishali wasn't feeling good that day. The following night we found out at the emergency room that she had pneumonia. She still wanted to show her class Christmas tree, just precious!
Check out this cool cat running away with brother's hat then striking a cool pose. Love it!
Daddy helping Anjali decorate her cookie.
Vaishali decorating her cookie and brother even decided to do one too, lol he IS still a kid.
Okay, and this next one is a tad late but I didn't realize we never uploaded the Halloween pics. I couldn't just leave these adorable pics out though.
Oh my, I know aren't they the cutest things? Vaishali is Snow White and Anjali is Little Red Riding Hood. Jacob was way too busy with his friends down the street for me to get a picture of him in his costume but he was a Jester (some crazy looking clown/joker thingy). That night we attended our church fall festival with a very big trunk or treat and lots of bouncy houses to play in, and we finished it off with the kids favorite buffet place, Golden Coral. It was a fun night.
Anjali didn't like Red Riding Hoods Hood, but sissy did for a minute. Well, maybe just for this photo op, hehe.

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