Monday, July 29, 2013

Morning Play Time

Ahh, today is a most beautiful day here in north Maryland!  The sun is shining, not a cloud in sight, it's cool and breezy, the birds are chirping,  the hens are clucking, everything is green and the irises are in full bloom.  It doesn't get any better than this.  I have so much work to do in the house, but we wanna stay outside to enjoy this weather as much as we can! So, out to the front porch we went.  We have a great many mini pumpkins already here on the farm and the girls ask to paint some.  Below is a pic of Vaishali giving me a thumbs up saying "mommy you're awesome". Then I created a Pinterest inspired idea.  A play river made from aluminum foil.  A big hit with the kiddos, but next time I do this I'll get heavy duty foil.  The regular is a little flimsy, but still fun.
Yesterday evening Dinesh and I worked on canning tomatoes and making cucumber bread and muffins.  The girls loved them!  I think ill be making this a lot every summer. 
And a great big thanks to our neighbor Brianna! She came over Saturday to get the girls and played with them for a couple of hours while me and Dinesh got some work done around the house.  They were so tired when they came home they slept for over 2 hours! They even brought back flowers for momma. It was a great and restful weekend.

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