Saturday, September 17, 2011

Enjoying the Weather

We tried and tried to get both of the girls to pose for a picture with Mommy, but Vaishali wouldn't have it. So here it is, Anjali and Me enjoying the grass in our back yard, Yes, that's right we have grass in our back yard this year, and that makes Mommy happy!
My lovies love to swing.
Looking up at the clouds with Mommy.
Okay, let me explain. I know you see the dryer sheet that appears to be stuck to Vaishali's butt. Well, I did that on purpose. The mosquitoes are really bad here, and they just love to bite my adorable squishy babies. We've tried having our yard sprayed for them, and lighting those stinking torches all over the yard, and still the mosquitoes are bad. So, when I heard that carrying a dryer sheet in your pocket would keep them away I thought I would give it a try. The girls didn't have any pockets so that is why you see the dryer sheet sticking out. I think it does work as I had killed two on myself that day, and when we brought the dryer sheets out I didn't have anymore bite me. I think I'd rather use dryer sheets then spraying them down with bug repellent, and it smells better too.

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